If you and your spouse have decided to divorce through no-fault divorce, then you need the right legal help. A no-fault divorce lawyer at Cornelius Law Firm, LLC, can assist you during the transitory time and help you understand the process and all that’s involved. We happily assist anyone in Desoto County, MS.

What’s a No-Fault Divorce?

A no-fault divorce is often simpler than other types of divorce. For example, many divorces require a specific reason why the couple is divorcing. However, a no-fault divorce does not. Instead, most couples simply state they have irreconcilable differences.

Additionally, a no-fault divorce requires no evidence or testimony of the breakdown of a marriage. Also, when a spouse chooses a no-fault divorce, the other spouse can’t contest the divorce in court. Instead, both spouses must agree to divorce, as well as agree on certain issues such as child custody, asset division, and alimony.

The only requirement for a no-fault divorce in Mississippi is that the spouse who files the divorce papers must live in Mississippi for 60 days previous to submitting the paperwork.

How Can We Help?

Cornelius Law Firm, LLC, is unique in that our lawyers work as a team to help with your no-fault divorce. We ensure that you understand your rights, know the process, and have the right paperwork in order to obtain your divorce quickly and satisfactorily. We will carefully look over your divorce agreement to help you know if it has any issues that could delay your divorce.

Additionally, we know that getting a divorce can seem expensive, which is why we offer very competitive and affordable pricing. We’ll also be happy to answer any of your questions or concerns regarding any aspect of the divorce proceedings.

If you want to speak to a no-fault divorce attorney from Cornelius Law Firm, LLC, then reach out to us today.