Cornelius Law Firm had its genesis in Mississippi in 1977, the year that Bob Cornelius began practicing law.

Bob’s works from the New Albany and Tupelo office and does work in all of the counties of north Mississippi.

The firm also regularly practices in the county and circuit courts across the north part of the state.

Bob has had a varied legal career in real estate with thousands of closings including commercial work, estate litigation with several landmark decisions, criminal work, being a former district attorney, social security disability work, and more than a thousand Agreed Divorces as well as contested actions. The firm also has handled alienation of affection cases.

Bob has assembled a team of attorneys that are bright, incisive and vigorous in their pursuit of client’s rights. The lawyers work as a team to analyze unusual situations and to execute specific tasks; all for the interests of the clients. They are not strangers to the courtroom.

The firm uses the most advanced electronic means to efficiently and judiciously represent the clients. The attorneys watch their email regularly, the phones are all linked and if you leave a voicemail the wav. file is immediately emailed to the attorneys. So even after hours and on a holiday, there is a mechanism to review incoming information.

Bob has practiced in Mississippi and Texas. While in Texas he served as the District Attorney of the 294th Judicial District in Canton, Texas. He is the 7th generation of his family from Union County, Mississippi. He began practicing in 1977.

Cornelius Law Firm has one primary goal. That is to vigorously represent our client’s interests.