Experiencing a divorce may be the most traumatic experience of your life. You need good counsel to assist you in deciding what to do and what to avoid. Without proper assistance you will make judgmental errors that might never be corrected and that might haunt you forever. Seek experienced mature counsel.

If you have decided that your marriage is over and need to seek a divorce, call us for an appointment. We have 30 years experience in protecting the rights of our clients during marital disputes. We are particularly interested in assisting those with disputes over the division of their marital property.


  • Adultery
  • Natural Impotency
  • Sentenced to Penitentiary
  • Desertion
  • Habitual Drunkeness
  • Habitual Drug Use
  • Habitual Cruel and Inhuman Treatment
  • Insanity at Time of Marriage
  • Chronic Insanity
  • Pregnancy by Wife by Another at Time of Marriage
  • Bigamy
  • Consanguinity
  • Irreconcilable Differences

In Mississippi if you want a divorce you either have to prove one of the above contested grounds against your spouse or you may get a agreed divorce on the basis of Irrecocilable Differences. What is not statutorily allowed is one party gaining a divorce just because you want one.

If you are contemplating divorce then Mississippi Law allows for obtaining a divorce in several different grounds. You have to protect your property rights and make allowances for child custody, visitation and support if there are children. Certain issues must be considered:

  1. How much child support am I supposed to pay or receive?
  2. How do we divide our personal property?
  3. What do we do about the house?
  4. Who pays for the credit cards?
  5. Can I receive part of my spouse’s retirement account?
  6. Can I even meet state law criteria to get a divorce?
  7. How do we deal with a small business?
  8. Can I keep my inherited property?
  9. Is a division of property 50/50 obtained while married?
  10. I caught my spouse cheating; what now?

The issues to be decided can be overwhelming without good legal assistance. Call me for an appointment.

Divorce by total agreement
Unfortunately married couples decide to end their relationship. Under Mississippi law, the decision to divorce is legally acceptable, however, provisions have to be made for the division of property. Our wish is that all divorcing couples can work through these problems and divorce on an uncontested basis. A reasonable alternative to contesting a divorce is filing on the grounds of Irreconcilable Differences.

  • Especially if you have little property to divide
  • Could be in the best interest of the children
  • Helps avoid months of emotional trauma
  • May be granted 60 days from the date of filing

In Mississippi you may get an agreed divorce on the grounds of Irreconcilable Differences. To do so, you must agree on personal property division, real estate division, and what other items you each keep for your future. If children are involved then there must be an agreed Separation Agreement that addresses custody, visitation, support, and other relevant costs such as schooling. This type of divorce has a waiting period of 60 days from the date the Joint Complaint is filed. Furthermore, the legal fees incurred are usually much less than in a contested matter.

For uncontested divorces we charge only $700 plus tax. But, often the divorce is a business dissolution. A division of a partnership. We also represent clients in this regard. We have handled hundreds of divorces and stand ready to assist clients in their domestic needs.

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